How the system works

What is HentaiArtists?

This is Platform connecting artists and people who appreciate digital arts in the world. There are many functions for members and artists to help create arts we like.

For Art Lovers and Supporters

By Helping Artists a few dollars a month, they can continue to express and showcase their talent. As a matter fact, most artists in the world do not get paid enough for a living of drawing for the big companies. By donating, we can pledge our support to each or all of the artists in this system. thus we can continue to let them draw the best work we love.

How it works?

  1. You can create account and have free access to all artworks.
  2. You can support one or more artists and will have votes and requests.
  3. You can vote for more interested requests or post your requests to favorite artists. When request will have minimum needed votes, artist will create artwork using this request.

What is Request?

Request it's suggestion to artist for his next artwork. Each request have minimum needed votes. Members can buy votes and spent it to most interested requests. Also members can post requests to his favorite artists, or vote for exist requests. When request have minimum votes, artists start works. When request done, artists close it. Done requests available under "Done" tab.

How affiliate system works?

We paying you % from payments to your affiliated artists. System rate is 25%, you will have 33% from system rate.